Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of Horses and Boys

Recently, through the local Southwest Missouri Home Educators Group (which has been fantastic so far), I found out about horse riding lessons that were only $4 for a whole hour! I know, right?! Where can you go for horse riding/horsemanship lessons for that low of a cost? Anyway, I signed Jacob up. We have gone one time so far....but he desperately wants to go back. He made a new friend there, plus he loved the horses so much, that he wants to go back and ride. So far, the dates have been booked, though. So, we shall see. Anyway, just thought I'd share some pics.

Dawn out at
Sac River Stables was offering this great deal to homeschoolers in the area on certain Fridays through October. Basically, a lesson includes horsemanship rules, learning how to groom a horse (Jacob got to groom Lucy), and a short ride on a horse. While riding, the kids learn how to pick something up out of a can without getting off, learn how to open and close a gate without getting off, and they go through an obstacle horse. She also works with them on how to hold on/direct the horse, how to mount and dismount, etc. At first, while Jacob was riding, he kept saying, "Whoa! Ok, Go!" He would do that over and over; I think it was starting to get frustrating for the instructor, Dawn, but she just patiently worked with him. I was secretly trying not to crack up....he was so nervous. He did great, though, and he finally let loose a little. He even got to trot, just a little.:) I think he talked Dawn's ear off the whole time. That's my Jacob! It was awesome! I'm hoping we can go back, that maybe there will be a cancellation or something, and there will be a spot open. We will have to wait and see, though! Next stop with the homeschool group is the Observatory (plus, we get to go to KY3 with our previous homeschool group)....I can't tell you how much fun homeschooling is, not just for Jacob but for us as parents. We love it!:)


Teri September 15, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

Thanks for the shoutout on SWMOHE. I remember when I took over moderation and the group was only 200. It's hard to believe there are now 600. Homeschooling in SW Missouri is AWESOME!


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