Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two of a Kind

I'm finally getting around to posting pics from our trip to "Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!" It was a really fun trip....Jacob made his first best friend, Noah, and they have already talked on the phone, since we have gotten home. They formed a bond right away, and they were inseparable the whole time. From eating in their playhouse to riding fourwheelers and sleeping in the tent, they had a blast together. Jacob is rarin' to go back. Sarah and Gareth are really good friends of ours....Sarah and I went to our senior year of high school together, and that was the best year of school, I just have to say. We had so much fun! We were double trouble, walking through the door. Then we went on missions trips to Papua New Guinea together, where I might add, she met Gareth, who is from England. I still remember that plane ride home, Sarah.... I wish we could live closer to each other, especially for our sons' sakes. It was such a refreshing trip, to just be with friends and relax and know that our kids were having fun....and to just be able to talk into the wee hours, even though we were all falling asleep on the couches.....just making memories. Dan just fell in love with Rosie; I think we all did. She and Jaden seemed to play together quite a bit. I'll post Rosie's story either sometime this week or early next week....she is such a sweetheart.
We ended up going out on Saturday; we visited the Oklahoma Aquarium and the Riverwalk in Tulsa. At the Riverwalk, the kids got to splash around on the splash pads, and then we sat and ate gelatto. We got up close and personal with some sharks at the aquarium, which was just the coolest thing! We took the initiative to name this fish Wanda....Sarah's idea, actually!:) Doesn't she look like a Wanda?
The kids got to pet stingrays and feed them too, which was quite the adventure. I think Jaden just had fun splashing.
Anyway, I just have to say that it is a blessing to have good friends, friends who share like values and desire to raise their kids for Christ. We will truly miss Sarah and Gareth when we move....


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