Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Chivalry Dead? I Think Not!

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A while ago, I had an idea to do a post series about raising boys with chivalry, and I had tested out the idea on Facebook....which got a pretty good response from other parents. The idea of chivalry has been on my mind for a while now; we are really trying to raise our boys in a Biblical manner, and we're really trying to instill in them the values that we hold dear. Sometimes I get to thinking about their futures and what they will be like when they are grown. How will they handle life? Will they love God with all their hearts? What will they do with their lives? How will they treat their wives? How will they treat other people? All of these things and more run through my head some days when I'm watching them play or even listening to Jacob talk. I hope that they will grow up to be Godly men, who not only are servants of God, but men who truly "love" others.

All of this led to my thinking about chivalry; Jacob loves to read stories about knights and castles, and as I was watching the movie First Knight this last time (as it's a movie I could watch over and over and never tire of), I started to think about how educated or well-mannered these knights were; they had a code of ethics unlike any other.

All this to say that I am going to start a post series on raising boys with chivalry. I'm hoping that this will encourage others who read it, but I'm also a little selfish in hoping that it will teach me how to teach my boys this mysterious and beautiful code of ethics, so that someday they can grow up to be wonderful men who treat others with respect and love their wives with all their hearts; not that they will be perfect, by any means. I have some Scripture in mind to use for the series, as well as I'm going to be reading the book Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis. Dan and I are actually going to be reading this book together, so I'll be able to share his input too, which would be wonderful to have a guy's perspective. I'm thinking that I will start the series next Wednesday and every Wednesday after for the summer, or until we're finished with the book. Feel free, if you have any input to comment; I will share any input I receive as well.

How exciting, though! My first series!:)


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