Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept

Ok, ladies, here's a challenge for you. How many times have you totally cared for your families and children and all of the other people around you, but you have totally neglected yourself? Let me tell you, we have all done this, whether it's putting off checkups for ourselves or even feeding our children healthy snacks, while we ourselves gorge on chocolate chips....trust me, I've been there.:)

Anyway, today, I finally took a step....actually, yesterday, I took the step to actually make the appointment, the appointment I'd been putting off and procrastinating on for probably about six to seven months. I made the call to the hairdresser. Yep, and I went and got my hair cut today; then, I came home and dyed it....and may I just say, that it is simply AMAZING what a fresh "do" can do for you? It just makes me feel so much lighter and better, refreshed! I hestitate in saying this because it's online for the whole world to see, but I'm just going to say it in the spirit of keepin' it real....I feel sexy! Yep, that's right!

So, here's a challenge for you. Whatever it is that you've been putting off for yourself, go put it in your schedule right now. If it's a haircut, go make the appointment; doctor's appointment, get it scheduled; or maybe it's just a bubble bath you need with some quiet reading time. Go schedule it, sister, because you are worth it, and you will be so glad that you did! (Pssstttt....your family might be glad you did too!:))


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