Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Expect Great Things

Today, we made a trip to Springfield for Jacob's dentist appointment, so we decided to just go for it and spend the day doing a little shopping and visiting the zoo, which the boys absolutely loved, and pictures will follow tomorrow.:) Anyway, we went to Kohl's, and I just had to share my awesome bargain findings with you. Kohl's has these amazing racks called the 80% off clearance. I found two pair of perfectly good pants, Sonoma brand, for $4.00 apiece. That's right, $4 apiece! Isn't that awesome? Who could resist that price? I was so excited! Right now is the perfect time to grab those clearance clothes for next winter; the stores are full of them....I'm thinking that if I go back in a couple weeks, and they still have a couple sweaters I was eyeing, I may not be able to resist them like I did today! Love it!:)


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