Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Simple Devotion

For Today...
Dear Lord,

I bring you my shortcomings...Not always taking the time to pray and just talk to you, especially concerning my children; not forgiving myself for things that are done and forgiven by You.

I bring you my worship and praise...that You provide all our needs; that you provide not only needs, but physical healing where needed.

I bring you my prayer...that I can grow in You and become the wife and mother you'd have me to be; that my prayer life would grow by leaps and bounds.

You spoke to me...this morning while reading a Bible story to Jacob; times I think he doesn't "get it," he will say something that shows that it clicked....times I wonder if we are teaching him enough, if our example sometimes misleads him, if he's learning enough about You, and then he will say something or answer something in a way that shows that certain things click....thank you, God, for the little steps.
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