Monday, March 16, 2009


FOR TODAY, Monday, March 16, 2009...
Outside My is slowly getting light, but it looks very foggy.
I am thinking...I am glad that I can stay at home.
I am thankful family; no matter what, we have each other.
From the learning rooms...another week of school starts today. This week, Jacob wanted to learn about wolves in science, and we study ancient India in history. And somehow, we have to get our addition/subtraction families memorized better.
From the kitchen...cheeseburgers and fries and veggies tonight.
I am wearing...jammies and robe right now, if only for a few more minutes.
I am creating...a decluttered boys' room this week; time to go through clothes and toys again and just purge....and this time, I mean really purge.
I am going...nowhere today, hopefully.
I am reading...The Yada Yada Prayer Group; The American Patriot's Almanac, which will definitely be finished and reviewed this week; Country Home magazine among others; and seed catalogs.
I am hoping...that the boys will sleep just a bit longer.
I am hearing...the news (ugh) and the furnace.
Around the is home blessing, among many other things.
One of my favorite the feeling I get after cleaning a room; it just feels so fresh.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: School, kickboxing at the gym, Jacob to Tae Kwon Do, get some writing assignments/query letters out, skating with homeschool group.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...(this was taken at the Springfield Nature Center last summer)...

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