Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Movie Review- Miss Potter

If you want to see an excellent movie, then you have to see Miss Potter. If you are a fan of Jane Austen movies, or even the Anne movies.....then you will most likely love this movie. It's about the life of Beatrix Potter. I never realized how hard it was for her to publish her books, being a single lady in Victorian times. She persevered, though, and her books became some of the best known children's stories of all time. I think I had a picture in my head of Beatrix Potter (just from the stories I had read as a child), and what I pictured was far from the person she actually was. I also never knew that she was such a conservationist and preservationist. One thing I loved was that your kids can watch this movie with you; it's a good, clean, wholesome movie, which also involves a most beautiful love story. In fact, I've protected it on our DVR because it's one that I could honestly watch over and over. It is set in England, so it has some of the most beautiful scenery, truly breathtaking. I think that my dream home would have to be her HillTop'll just have to watch it for yourself....enjoy!


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