Friday, November 14, 2008

What Do You Struggle With?

Here is a thought for today. I'm reading Fresh Faith by Pastor Jim Cymbala, and he was talking about David's prayer in Psalms 51 today. But there are 3 points to this prayer that we can really apply to our own lives.

"1. 'Create in me a pure heart.' He has already asked for cleansing. Now he is going deeper. He wants God to start all over, to create a brand-new heart that is pure to the core. He wants to see everything in his world with pure eyes, to hear with holy ears, and to act with godly responses.
2. 'Renew a Steadfast Spirit Within Me.' What David is asking God for is a work of grace within him that will keep him from the kind of rise-and-fall, mountain-and-valley pattern that characterizes far too many of our lives....with God, all things are possible....We must not be content just to hope, or to lament our weak spiritual condition. Instead, we must approach the throne of grace with a bold confidence that what God promised, he will do....Let us ask him for this steadfast spirit that will hold us through the changing situations of life.
3. 'Grant Me a Willing Spirit, To Sustain Me.' Beyond being steadfast, he wants to be willing to do whatever God asks....David has recognized that his heart can betray him. His will can consent to the appeals of the world and the flesh, so he cries out for God to give him a willing spirit. This again flies in the face of much of today's Christianity, which bites its lip and tries harder to do what only the Spirit of God can accomplish. In fact, God had to make us willing."

This last part is what really got me. So many times, I fail in my Christian walk, but I think I just try too hard and don't let God do His perfect work in me. I try to do everything myself, and that just isn't gonna work. I have one thing that I really struggle with daily, and that is letting certain words slip out of my mouth that shouldn't. I hope I don't lose any followers by admitting this, but in order to be a living testimony, I also need to be real, and I hope that maybe this will help some of my readers to become more real also. After all, nobody is perfect. It's something that I think I've tried on my own to stop, but my problem is that I'm not letting God do the purifying work in me; I'm just trying too hard. Instead, I need to let it go, surrender it, and let Him work. It's going to be a daily surrender, but if I believe, then all things are possible with God. Just a tidbit for this rainy Friday!
P.s. Would love any feedback on anything that you struggle with too. I firmly believe that in order to be effective, we need to get REAL and honest!!!! We can also encourage each other in knowing that we are not alone in our daily struggles.


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