Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Little Buddy

All you homeschooling mamas, listen up!  Whatever....all mamas, listen up!  LOL  I have found one of the best inventions ever made for those days that bring on the stress, because we all have them.  I know we ALL do....

We joined our church on Sunday evening, and in our little welcome bag, I found the best little buddy a mama could have.  It was one of those squeezable stress relievers.  Seriously!  It's shaped like a puzzle piece, only, as you can see, Jaden got ahold of it and bit out a huge chunk of the puzzle piece.  Now, do you see why this thing is my buddy?:)LOL

Today was my first day of using it, while we were working on school.  You guessed it; it was right before math.....and after finding out my Technorati authority was stripped overnight, like so many of you too, I'm finding out (what is up with that?).  No, honestly, math is getting so much better, especially since I've really started straying from the teacher's manual and branched out to use other resources, as well.  Jacob is catching on to things so much quicker, and he even finished his mental math page in record time today!  How exciting!  Anyway, get yourself one of these little buddies.  When you're tempted to raise your voice, start squeezing the heck out of me, it works; tried and tested true by a real homeschooling mama!:)


Veronica Lee October 14, 2009 at 10:30 PM  

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

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