Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yes, Mr. President....

Just had to share this....could not resist. Jacob and I just had a discussion about him growing up to be President some day; we had just read about Abraham Lincoln, and he decided that some day he wants to be President. Here is the gist of what he said; I'll try to keep it as authentic as possible.:)

I think I'll be President some day; I think I will. I'll tell people to take responsibility (cracks me up). I'll pick up all the trash in New York and clean up the streets; actually, I'll clean up the trash all over the world. I'll clean everybody's cars and houses....I'll build houses. I'll do a lot of good stuffs. Do you have to wear a suit and tie? (Yes) Even in the summer? (Sometimes) I see, I see.

Ohhhh, he makes me giggle; I just love him. Just when I start to think all he cares about is Star Wars and X-Men, he goes and turns my silly thoughts upside down.

Yes, Jacob, you can be President some day. In fact, maybe you could be the one to help change our nation and make it better. I love you, my sweet, precious boy who's not so little anymore!:)


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