Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chivalry, Part 13: Final Chapter: They'll Be Watching You

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It's sad to say, but there are millions of boys out there with no potential role model possibilities in their own fathers. Even Christian parents fall short at times, letting work or their own pursuits take precedence over their children. The question is how can our boys pursue chivalry and become real men if we, as parents, don't step up to the plate? It's up to us, parents. Mamas, Daddies, even Grandparents (for those raising their grandchildren), it's up to you and me! It's such an awesome responsibility when you think about it; it's almost overwhelming at times....

Lately, I've been thinking back to when we first had Jacob and even Jaden. I think, as a mama, I was so busy with preparing for this new little bundle to arrive....trying to get the nursery ready, making sure all his clothes were washed and carefully put away, making sure we had all the necessary supplies, etc. I never stopped to think of how great a responsibility I was taking on. If I did, I don't think I realized. Now that Jacob is getting older, it has really started hitting me how much more I need to do with him. It has become heavy on my heart and mind; he's getting older, and we have so much to teach him. Some day he's going to go out into the world and have a family and make his own he going to serve the Lord? Is my example now (poor at times) affecting him in a way that will change his life for the good or the bad?

Oh yes! It is! Our examples as parents, what we do every single day, is what matters the most right now. Believe me, I am no saint; just ask my husband. We all have faults, and we can't be perfect. BUT we have little eyes watching everything we do, everything we say, each and every way we react to something. They are watching's like that song, "Every move you make, I'll be watching you...." (The Police).:)

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Seriously, our kids are learning how to act and how to live by watching us. Scary, huh?! I know! I just pray that God can give us the strength, the endurance, the perseverance, the knowledge, the selflessness, and the courage to raise these boys for His purpose and His will. We have to give all we've got to raise these young knights up for Him....we can do it! God has seen fit to bestow upon us the honor and the gift of these precious young souls in our homes; now we must treasure each one as the unique and precious gifts that they are.....May you be blessed in your journey towards chivalry! Just to close with a quote from Lewis; I know it speaks to Dads, but Mamas, they are watching us too....

Dad, what does your son do when you pass by? What does his soul say? Is it inspired and moved by your character? Does he observe truth in your life, in your motives, in your responses? Does his spirit stand up in respect? Does his heart cry out, "I want to be just like my father-the knight!"

If you'd like to read more on raising boys with chivalry, I highly recommend
Raising a Modern-Day Knight by Robert Lewis.


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