Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Little Boy's Got Style....:)

Jacob has really been coming into his own, as I've written on here before. Clothes shopping with him has turned into sort of a nightmare, as he has very picky tastes, as to what he likes. Oh, he says that he'll probably wear things I pick out, but he makes sure to tell me that he doesn't like them.....LOL. So, I end up putting most things back on the racks. Although, I have realized that if I don't say it's cute and let him kind of find it on his own (by moving closer and closer to the items that I want to get him), then he will most likely find it on his own and want to get it; or if I let him pick out the color he likes in the style we need to get, then that works too. Oh, the joys of raising boys, a.k.a.: little men. Ya gotta be clever, so you can outsmart 'em.:)

This past weekend, we went out shopping, though, to try to get some bargains on some things the boys both needed. We happened to be walking by the men's section in Kohls, and we saw these hats. I found this other one that I thought was so cute on him, but he insisted on this one.
I have to say, the kid's got boy is stylin', if I do say so myself.:)LOL He wore it to church on Sunday, and I've never seen so many people stop to compliment him, especially the older men at church. He is desperate to find a whole suit now, so I'm saving my pennies and hard-earned dollars from writing, so that I can get him one before the winter. I know, crazy, huh? He desperately wants a suit with the jacket and everything. Oh, I love that boy!:) (Shhhh....don't tell him I want to find one for his brother too; he definitely won't want to look the same. LOL)


T. Anne August 13, 2009 at 12:03 AM  

Oh my goodness he's so cute! Boys are so special, I know, I have three!

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