Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chivalry, Part 10: Powerful Memories

Since this chapter dealt with ceremonies again, I really am not sure what to write here. This chapter gave examples of manhood ceremonies that fathers had done with their sons. It really was interesting. Lewis does start out, though, by saying how ceremonies leave everyone involved with "powerful memories." This is so true.In my everyday life as Jacob and Jaden's mommy, how can I create those "powerful memories?" I've been reading Sarah Mae's blog, Like a Warm Cup of Coffee, and she talks a lot about "Intentional parenting." Intentional parenting could create a lot of those powerful memories. Taking my time to listen to my kids instead of simply nodding my head, while tons of other thoughts race through my brain....taking the time to actually get up and kick the soccer ball or ride bikes with my kids instead of working while watching them play.....taking time to teach my sons how to do their chores instead of just giving orders....taking time to teach my boys how to make cookies instead of just hurrying to get it done myself....all of these would be examples of intentional parenting, and all of these would be the starts to some pretty great memories, not to mention the pictures I could get out of these times with my kids.

Maybe that powerful memory can come from the birthday party I plan for them, or maybe it can come from that trip to the lake to go camping and swimming. Maybe it can even come from just telling them, "Great job!" for something they did.....

These powerful memories can only add to the teaching we give our boys, when it comes to chivalry. Some day, maybe they'll even be inspired to create some "powerful memories" with their own kids.

Stay tuned for more next Wednesday....we're winding down on the Chivalry series. Any comments/thoughts?


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