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Chivalry, Part 7: A Transcendent Cause

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What is a "transcendent cause?" Basically, it's what the world is lacking's what our boys are growing up without. That transcendent cause has only to do with one Person, Jesus Christ. According to Lewis, "A transcendent cause is not something we do in addition to everything else; instead it is the one factor that motivates everything we do." Most of our boys today are growing up and being taught that they have to work hard and go after the highest positions, climb that ladder of success, make something of themselves; all of this is good, but there's more to life than corporate success and financial wealth. They're missing something, if that is all that is important to them; most of them feel that void in their lives....and they may try to fill that void through certain activities that can be more damaging than anything.
So, how do we define "a transcendent cause? A transcendent cause must be truly heroic, timeless, and supremely meaningful."

There is a trend in kids and teens today....and I'm not saying all teens, but a lot of teens. A lot of teens are so focused on self that they miss the bigger picture. Yes, we need to teach them to have a healthy self-esteem, but if that's all we're focusing on, we are depriving them of so much more. This series is focusing on boys, but I believe we need to teach our kids, both girls and boys, about the world around them. We need to teach them that there is more to this life than just the here and now. We need to plant that seed of eternal urgency within their souls through our teaching, our example, and our everyday lives. We need to live our Christian lives out in front of and with them....take them on missions with you, let them help you serve in a soup kitchen, let them see you getting involved in your church, show them what it truly means to be a Christian.

We heard a sermon a couple of weeks ago by Pastor Bill Hybels. He talked about "your holy discontent." If you've never heard him speak, I really encourage you to. He started out talking about Popeye. Popeye had quite the temper if something upset him, especially when it came to defending his girlfriend, Olive Oyl. Remember how his muscles would swell up, and Popeye would say something like, "I've had all I can stand, I can't stands no more!" Pastor Hybels asked us to take a look deep inside of ourselves and find what it is in the world that starts that fire burning within us? What is it that we've "had all we can stand, and we can't stands no more?" There are so many ways that we can get involved in ministry in our world today; there are so many needs. You name it, from the AIDS crisis, to children starving, to crisis pregnancy centers, to helping the homeless, to working with youth, even to visiting your local nursing home or children's hospital. It doesn't take a multitude to move a mountain; it takes one person who is under the conviction of the Holy Spirit to make things happen. It takes us getting beyond our own little worlds and focusing not on the here and now and the financial means, but focusing on what fires us up and gets us going. Pastor Hybels also suggested feeding that fire by getting involved. Even if you're not sure where your exact holy discontent lies, start doing things and exposing yourself to more opportunities....God will show you, and you will know when He does.

I share all of that because I really believe that it is vitally important for us as parents to first of all share the Gospel with our own kids....make sure they have a clear understanding of what it means to be a child of God. Our kids are our first priorities in any type of ministry. Secondly, feed the holy discontent that your kids may show. Expose them to different opportunities throughout their lives. Let them see a world beyond themselves....feed the fire within their souls. As you do this, God will work in their hearts and minds, and He will do something awesome! I can't imagine a greater piece to the puzzle of chivalry....

Be sure to stay with me next week for more. Any thoughts? Be sure to comment; I love to hear what you have to say.


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