Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Honest Scrap!

Noel over at Bloom Where You're Planted! gave me the Honest Scrap award....thanks, Noel! She listed 10 honest things about herself, so now it's my turn to do the same....hmmmm.....

1) I am scared of the dark....when Dan has to be working at night, I keep my cell phone in bed....and I used to sleep with a baseball bat next to the bed when Mom and Dad would leave me home alone as a teenager.:)
2) I have quite a temper....let's just leave it at that....at least I'm honest. Cleaning is one thing that can get done really fast if something's bothering me.:)
3) My kids are such a soft spot in my heart.....I can't imagine not being at home with them; I just am so content to spend my days loving them and being with them.
4) I'm a bit of a germophobe; I used to be a lot worse when working as a nurse, but it has gotten sooooo much better. I no longer carry Clorox wipes in my car.
5) I enjoy going barefoot whenever possible, unless going outside (germophobe rears its head at that).
6) One major fear I have is that my kids will not learn enough to want to live for God....I just want them to have assurance of their faith and live their faith throughout their lives; it's the one thing I want most for them.
7) I love love love Jaden's naptime because it means writing and blogging time for Mommy.:)
8) I am trying to get motivated to exercise....but I really don't like to exercise.
9) Noel had one about herself and her husband, and it kind of prompted this one: My husband says the reason we argue so much (yes, we do argue; Dan is very analytical, and I'm just stubborn, but we desperately love each other) is that we are so alike, and I have to say that he is right on that; yes, we might have different learning styles and ways of thinking, but when it comes down to it, we are definitely alike in so many ways. LOL (Yep, I'm admitting you are right, honey).
10) Sometimes I think about how old I might live to be, and when I think of it in terms of, say, "When Jacob is 20, I'll be 44; or when my sister is 70, I'll be 55," I do get a little sad because really, that's not that far away, and it goes so quick....LOL Crazy thoughts!

Ok, so now it's time to pass this award on to 7 people on my followers list; it's ok if you don't have time to do it, but if you do, go ahead and let me know, so I can read them!


Noel June 9, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

Great list! Thanks for doing that :)

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