Saturday, May 9, 2009

Way To Go, Bud!

Jacob had his first tournament in Tae Kwon Do today; he was so excited all week; he kept counting down the days. I was so proud of him today, and I was so nervous for him all at the same time....and he did great!!! He not only placed with a silver medal in forms, but he got honorable mention in the sparring. I wasn't just proud of him for winning a medal though and doing his best. You try to teach your kids right, and you try to instill values in them. Sometimes I worry that I'm not doing a great job; there are days when his other "attitudes" can almost get the best of me, but today I felt so much happiness inside as I watched him. When he lost the sparring match, you could tell he was disappointed, but he didn't show it. He simply bowed to his instructor and shook hands with his competitor and went on....and when he got his honorable mention ribbon, he was as happy with that as he was with his medal. That alone just made my day....and no, I'm not trying to brag, nor do I want to brag; believe me, my kids are far from perfect....far, far, far....but I'm just sharing a victory as a parent. An exciting victory of what a good attitude can do because not only did we notice how he acted, but his instructor complimented him on his attitude....woohoo!!! Ok, I'm done now....I'm just so happy; I'm happy that he could be happy with his ribbon; I'm happy that he just had a good time.


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