Friday, May 8, 2009

Just A Small Part of What a Tornado Can Do

It's quite eerie when you're sitting in your living room during a storm, teaching your son his math, when all of a sudden, the tornado sirens start going off. Well, that's what our morning was all about....ugh. Fortunately, we had no damage here, but it was all around us. These pictures don't really do justice to the damage done by the tornadoes and really bad winds this morning in the storm, but here are just a few things I saw on my travels today; so sad to see trees that have been in the ground for hundreds of years just completely uprooted; kinda puts the power of this storm into perspective just a bit....most of these were out closer to my mom and dad's house. Keep in mind that I was trying to drive and snap pictures with my cell phone at the same time....not the safest thing to do, for sure.:)

This was somebody's camper, but it's pretty much obliterated.

This is actually not very far from our house; actually just a couple streets over.


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