Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spiders and Jello Jigglers

We've had a couple of fun art projects for school this week. We had studied about Africa a couple of weeks ago, and we never got to do one of our art projects that week, which was to make Anansi the Spider. If you've never read any of the Anansi books to your kids, I highly recommend them. Anyway, Jacob finally got to make his version of Anansi this week. He had a lot of fun with it.Really all it took was 2 styrofoam balls, 2 toothpicks, some paint, pipecleaners for the legs, and of course a couple of googly eyes, unless you decided to give him 3 eyes.Then, today, we decided to get in the kitchen for art, so we made Berry Blue Jello Jigglers. Both Jacob and Jaden had a blast; I think they ate more than they actually made.:)Gotta love making memories with these two; boredom seldom hits this house.:)


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