Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Artsy Smartsy

We've done a couple art projects lately, and I just thought I'd show you Jacob's creations. He had fun with these. We got the ideas from Art Projects For Kids.

The first one we did was the Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture. We started it last week and finished it up Monday. He, of course, chose to paint his sculpture black....we just found all sorts of little things he could glue onto his popsicle stick platform, and he went to town on it. He got creative with it. I've found, with him, that if I let him look at the example the whole time, he won't be as creative (meaning he just tries his hardest to copy the picture), but if I take the example away, he will obviously step out and do things on his own more and use his imagination more. It stretches him.
While it's not the prettiest art project we have done, it was a fun one and promotes great creativity.

The second one we did was the Abstract Oil Pastel Cat. I had to get in on this one too; I love working with oil pastels. Jacob had a lot of fun with this one. He had to use his noggin to make sure he used different colors on each side of the black was a bit more of a challenge for him but still fun.

For more cool ideas, check out the Art Projects For Kids Blog. You might just find something you can't pass up doing with the kiddos.


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