Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things I'd Like To Do

Ok, so every day at the end of that day, I always tell myself that tomorrow I will do something that I love that does not include cleaning or cooking or homeschooling. I will make time for one of the many hobbies that I enjoy. Since I never seem to find the time or other things just keep coming up (for instance, possibly having shingles right now)(Ouch! If it's not shingles, then something else is definitely going on; only, it took me a week to finally admit that something was wrong), I'm going to make a list and hopefully, I can pick something and "get to it" this week. So, here goes:
1) Finish my bedroom curtains, for goodness' sake.
2) Pick out pictures for my mirror that I got for Christmas, and get them to Snapfish, so I can finish my mirror.
3) Start my boys' baby books (scrapbooked baby books); I know, right?! They're 6 years old and 14 months old! Now, that's pathetic!
4) Finish reading The Well-Trained Mind (even though that has to do with homeschooling) and The Greatest Generation.
5) Get my cross stitch out, and get that project I've been working on for about 3-4 years finished. (Ok, so that's pathetic too!)
6) Get to the Y with Jenn and exercise! (Although, if this is really shingles, that may have to wait until Thursday or next week because it hurts just to raise my arm right now).
7) Start working on finding antiques here and there and making pictures for my wall to kinda give my home a fresh redo (obviously, this will have to be done over time), which also includes dreaming up a better crafting area (some day for when we have a slightly bigger house).
8) Get my book series started! Get to my Grandma's house to look at her pictures and letters for ideas and inspiration and research, research, research! (This isn't really a hobby but a goal for this year to at least get one book out of my head and written down)
9) Research online writing jobs, and apply for them instead of putting it off in fear that I don't qualify. (Ok, so this should be #1!)
10) Get busy looking into seeds and plants that I could easily start on my own.
11) Do more things to my blog to make it better, and get to know more of my fellow bloggers!
12) Just take a bubble bath, and relax!
So, that's my list so far.....oh, there's so much more I'd like to do, but that's just what I have for now....what's on your list?:) Maybe if we write it down, we can see it, visualize it, and "get to it!"


Anonymous January 26, 2009 at 5:33 AM  

your list inspires me...I have so much to do and like you, I have also slacked off on the babybooks, especially Jeremy's!
What I do when I find a blog that I love and have been following for a while. I take a week (depending also on how long this person has been blogging) and I read through all their entries...this way I get to know them in a more well rounded way and understand where they are coming from....
I also love to write but I just don't have the time now...I started a book about an angel's view of creation...(weird I know!) Maybe this summer when the kid can be outside and are more tired! HAHA!

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