Monday, December 1, 2008

Some Motivation For Your Monday!

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and our long weekend has given way to a brand new week. Are you ready? Not me!:) I would most certainly love to have just one more day of rest and just being together with Dan and the boys. But time has spoken, and it is Monday! So, I figure I might as well embrace it. See, we can either sit back and complain about all we have to do (which I myself do way too much of, and that is why I'm writing this) and get overwhelmed, or we can just get up and start taking those babysteps to get things accomplished. We can choose to embrace this day and just go with it. So, for today, I'm choosing the latter, to just embrace this day because when you think about it, we are not promised tomorrow, so we have to make this day count.
One last thought to leave you with: yesterday at church, we had a retired missionary couple from Africa there to speak. He was talking about witnessing, and he gave an illustration. Basically, if you were out walking, and you saw a house on fire, and there were people inside, what would you do? Would you stand outside and think of all the things that could go wrong, or would you go up to that house and try to alert them to the danger and try to help them get out? It's the same way with witnessing. We know the danger that people are facing if they are not saved. Are we going to stand back and let our fears keep us from telling them about Jesus, or will we step up and alert them to the danger and help them "get out?" Just something to think about.
Have a great day!


fishindaddy - aka: Tim December 1, 2008 at 8:51 PM  

Ok ok, I get the point. Choose the right attitude....even when the wonderful wife is proofreading as I am typing not giving me much of a chance to finish a word before saying something.....rrrrrrrr. But seriously, Steph was thinking the same thing and sharing this same thought earlier this evening with me.
thanks to both of you for the great reminder.
And now she just asked me, How much do you love me? I smiled and took that first part all out.....then she asked if I loved her enough to make the preggo wife 2 tacos. Hmmmmmm do I.....WELL DUH!!!!! Off to make 2 tacos :-)

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