Friday, December 5, 2008

"The Big P"

Wow! All I can say is wow!:) Yesterday was such a looooooong can only get better. Really , it wasn't that bad, but I'm still tired thinking about it. Just to give you a little background, I've been really praying for patience lately.......yes, I know, I can hear you all now, "Why are you praying for patience? Do you know what can happen if you pray for patience?" Trust me, do I ever know what can happen! Believe you me, it was a huge step for me to pray for patience. One of my nursing instructors had always said, "Don't pray for patience, or else." So, I lived in fear of praying for "the Big P." I know, right? LOL Actually, now that I look back on yesterday, it's making me laugh, so I guess I'm learning something from it, if only to laugh at myself. I can't say that I handled myself in the most patient of ways while all of this was happening, but I figured out later on that the reason it was all happening was to try to teach me something about patience. Anyway, here's a good laugh for you, my story of yesterday.

We started out with school, and the day seemed to be progressing well; we were done with school by lunch, and we were headed out the door for an afternoon at the grocery store, library, health department, etc. First, as I was going out the door, I knocked over this little decorative item my mom had given me, and of course, it broke. No time, though, had to run. So, we headed to Cabool to take library books back, then to Walmart. Shopping with a one year old sitting in the shopping cart is not easy; those carts just are not kid friendly. He was constantly trying to stand up; that strap did basically nothing to hold him. I finally had everything we needed, much to my relief, and was in the checkout line, the only one that wasn't full of people with totally overloaded grocery carts.:)LOL Then I noticed that the guy in front of me was having trouble getting the debit machine to work, and the cashier was saying how she'd been having trouble with her machine; he finally got it to work somehow, but when I got up there, it decided to quit. Oh, but the best part is that we had already checked and put all my items in bags. So, there I was with no way to pay because the debit machine wouldn't work. Well, I looked down at my cell phone, and I was late for our appointment at the health department. By this time, I was just ready to scream.:)LOL So, I took my cart to customer service so they could hold all my stuff there, and we ran to the car to make it to our appointment; meanwhile, I was just steaming. This isn't the first time that has happened at Walmart, but that's a whole other post. So, we get to our appointment, and because I'm just a smidgin late, I end up waiting behind other people and was there, trying to keep Jaden happy, for about an hour and a half. Then back to Walmart to get our cart and pay at customer service where the debit machine actually worked.:)LOL It didn't end there, but that was the worst of it. It was just a patience working day.

But you know what? I'm going to keep praying for patience, because sooner or later, my prayers are going to be answered. God is working on me, and that right there gives me encouragement to know that my prayers are being heard because He is definitely trying to teach me something about patience. Anyway, my encouragement to you is not to be afraid to pray for "the big P" word; if we all had a bit more of that word in our lives, life would not be half as hard as we make it out to be.:)LOL


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