Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Camping Trip at Big Spring, MO! (cont.)

Well, we are back from our camping trip at Big Spring.:) We had a great time! We ended up going down on Saturday and stayed until later on Sunday afternoon. I didn't get any really good pictures of the actual spring, but it is really beautiful. Josie learned how to ride her bike without training wheels.:) Trey was just a cutup the whole time and was a lot of fun. The kids all had a good time. Jacob was in his prime.:) Jaden was a dirty little baby the whole time; we had no water, only what we brought and could fill our jugs with.:) We swam in the river (I took pictures mostly), and we ate good food.:) The kids caught crawdads in the river. Dad and Mom just were relaxing and having a really good time too. I'm really glad because they have had quite the summer, between Dad's illness and tractors constantly breaking down. Nicholas, the cat, made a few appearances when the kids weren't anywhere around.LOL Dan and I learned how to play Hand and Foot, a card game Jimmy and Jennifer taught us; I think that it could be really addicting, because I already want to play again. Anyway, between getting our tent all set up and just relaxing, it was a really good weekend. I'm ready to go again.:)


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