Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just have to share

I came across something this morning that I just have to share. It's like an aha moment for me; the light bulb has turned on.:) I'm reading a book by Jim Cymbala now called "Fresh Power." I'll just type in the paragraph that really shook me and opened up my eyes this morning.
While Christ's work on the cross, the shedding of his blood, was the only way to settle the problem of guilt, sin, and condemnation, the coming of the promised Holy Spirit was God's way of changing human beings from the inside out. The law given to Moses had failed on this very point. It was in itself holy and just, but the problem was the sinful nature within people. Now the Holy Spirit dwelling in the hearts of believers would conquer the age-old dilemma of "I want to be different but can't. I know what's wrong- but I keep doing it anyway." This empowerment by the Spirit would be the dynamic source throughout time for all who live and labor for Jesus Christ.
This just really spoke to me because so many times I fail God by sinning, and it's not that I don't want to change; I really do but sometimes can't see how it's to be done. It's by His Spirit that we change and can only hope to change, though. We have to ask for His Spirit to come into us and change us from the inside out because that's the only way.
When we were in New York City, we attended Brooklyn Tabernacle, and Pastor Cymbala had talked quite a bit about asking for the Holy Spirit, and I think this just made it hit a little closer to home for me. I just wanted to share this with you all because it was a real blessing to me this morning; it's like the lights have come on. I can't hope to change, unless I ask the Holy Spirit to change me. Wow! So simple, yet so exciting!


Anonymous July 22, 2008 at 2:03 PM  

I love "WOW" moments!
I get so discouraged sometimes b/c I know I need to change something, I ask God to help, then a week later I am back in my old sinful groove....I think it is a "die-to-self-daily-and-ask-the-Holy -Spirit-all-the-time-to-help-you" kind of situation...until I feel like I have conquered it...even after I think I am in the clear I try to keep asking...b/c Satan loves to deceive.
Thanks for the posting!

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