Thursday, January 28, 2010

TOS Crew: Presidential Penmanship (BJ Style)

Zeezok Publishing is a company that has a variety of different materials, including music studies, literature, character building, and penmanship.

We received Presidential Penmanship (BJ Style) to review in our homeschool endeavors.  I just want to be up front and honest in this review; since this style is a different style than what Jacob is used to doing, rather than confuse him, I chose to not use the style with him.  He began cursive writing early on, and he has really begun to grasp it, and I didn't want to set a different style in front of him and confuse him by that.  We can, however, use the quotes that are included in our own style.  The BJ Style has a more modern feel to it than more traditional styles.

Presidential Penmanship is a handwriting program for grades 1-12.  The lessons in first and second grades focus on manuscript writing.  Lessons are broken down by weeks and days of the week.  The lessons are shorter in the younger grades, and the student begins the lesson by reading and tracing the quote or passage.  All of the quotes and passages included in the Presidential Penmanship program are taken from past U.S. Presidents and other historical figures.  These people include George Washington, Patrick Henry, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, etc.  Not only is your student learning how to have good handwriting and gaining practice, but he's learning these historical quotes, which he is also encouraged to memorize in the younger years, at least.  These quotes not only promote the founding principles of our nation but also good character qualities.  Scripture is even included at certain points.  Cursive writing begins in third grade, and the passages and quotes start to get longer. In the junior high/senior high years, he will copy passages from famous Presidential speeches/addresses.  

You can purchase Presidential Penmanship (BJ Style) from Zeezok Publishing for $39.99; with this price, you get the complete program on CD or the ebook.  You can also purchase each level separately for $9.99.  Later on, after Jacob has fully grasped cursive writing, we may use this as a handwriting program because it will provide the practice he needs in learning how to write neatly, plus it is beneficial to the mind and heart.

To read more reviews, visit the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.    

(Disclosure: I was provided this product, free of charge, by Zeezok Publishing, in association with the TOS Homeschool Crew.)


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