Friday, January 1, 2010

The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville

The Power of Respect, by Deborah Norville, is definitely a book written for today's time.  The more places I go on a weekly basis, especially around the holidays, the more rudeness I seem to encounter.  It's sad but true.  I have to be honest here too; I'm in no way perfect, so some parts in this book stung to read....yep, I'm sometimes rude too.  Yikes.

Deborah takes the concept of respect and weaves a plan for success with the use of this one simple character trait, intermingled, of course, with others; but respect is the key trait.  Simple might not be the word, though, as I found while reading this book.  The concept of respect doesn't start when you're out and about at various activities amongst various groups of people.  It starts in your own home and even with your own children.  Yep, I find myself demanding respect from my children, but have I given them the respect they deserve, as well?  I'm afraid not, in many cases.  Oh, I know what you're thinking...respect our children?  Since when do we have to respect our children?  In order to teach our children how to respect, they need to learn it from us.  Deborah explains it in an easy to comprehend manner.  Respect also starts with self.  If we don't respect ourselves, how can we respect others?  Just some things to think about.  She continues on with the concept of respect in marriage, in schools, in the workplace, etc.  Throughout the book are various quotes and boxes with certain points to be remembered and highlighted.  

If you'd like to read this book, you can purchase it from Thomas Nelson for $19.99.  It's a book that may sting at times, but it might just open up your eyes to ways with which you can better not only your life, but your family/children's life as well.

(Disclosure: I was provided this book, free of charge, by Thomas Nelson.)


ruth stiles January 1, 2010 at 7:08 PM  

I will have to check this book out...sometime... My book list for the year is growing and growing..but this does look like a GREAT read!

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