Thursday, December 3, 2009

Early Edition of Shine Your Light Wednesdays: The KTTS Christmas Crusade

This is another early edition of Shine Your Light Wednesdays, intended for next Wednesday....but as this opportunity is already in full swing, just wanted to get it out there.

With Christmas just around the corner, many families, in the areas we live, struggle just to put food on the table, let alone buy Christmas presents for their children.  KTTS, 94.7 FM, in Springfield, MO, along with several sponsors, including both listeners of the radio station and corporate sponsors, has a Christmas tradition called the KTTS Christmas Crusade, and it's held at Remington's.  This Christmas, they will help over 400 families by providing baskets of household goods, food products, and presents.

If you live in the Springfield or surrounding area, you can volunteer and help make several families' Christmas just that much brighter.:)  You can help to sponsor the Crusade just by listening to KTTS and calling; their on-air adoptions have already begun and will continue through Dec. 10 (weekdays only).  The Crusade is in need of phone volunteers (Nov. 30-Dec.4; Dec. 7-10), volunteers for donor drop-off (Dec. 11-12), and volunteers for distribution day (Dec. 18-19).  To find out how you can help, you can send an email to Joy Bilyeu-Steele.  Here's a video that will let you see a little bit more about this great opportunity.

Even if you don't live in the Springfield area, I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities like this, or similar to this in your area.  Get online, and start checking out local events in your area.  This Christmas, shine your light, and be a blessing to someone else.  Who knows?  It might even bless your heart all the more....Merry Christmas!        


Conny December 3, 2009 at 9:33 AM  

oh - good to know! We can get KTTS here on a clear, good day! We are 80 miles from Springfield. My inlaws live in Branson - I'll have to ask them about it too. Thanks for passing the word.

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