Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Boy

Well, our birthday boy had a fun night tonight with presents and birthday cake.  

He loved his Elmo/Cookie Monster birthday cake, and he even tried to say Cookie Monster.....he's been saying Cookie, but he finally tried the Monster part.:) (This cake was originally going to be round, but with being sick, I opted for the easy way out; it still turned out ok; and yes, Cookie Monster's eyes are supposed to be crooked; can you believe I made the eyes with medicine droppers?  They may not look the best, but hey, it worked!:))

I think he liked playing with the flame on the candle more than blowing it out....LOL.  He thought it was funny to wave his hand over it and make it flicker (Don't worry; we were right there to make sure he didn't actually touch it; he knew that it was ha-ha, translation: hot) or to just casually blow at it, making it dance..... 

He had a blast playing with his new cows and tractor and getting in and out of his tent with Bubba.  It was a very sad moment when bedtime came, although his cows and tractor/wagon did end up going to bed with him. 

 Another birthday gone and past....2 years old, my baby boy!  I love you, Jaden....

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