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Shine Your Light Wednesdays: Remington's

Lately, I've mentioned our church on here, Ridgecrest Baptist Church.  We finally joined last Sunday night, and we got to hear the story about Remington's.  I just thought it'd be neat to share what God has done.  
Remington's is, as some say (including our pastor in a recent message), "The bar that got saved."  Basically, Remington's was the largest nightclub in Missouri.  Our church started using their parking lot for extra parking, with permission, on Sunday mornings, while the nightclub was still with the previous owners.  The nightclub was known widely for being a very violent place, with women being sexually assaulted and left for dead, drugs, you name it.  In fact, there were eight lawsuits during the seven years that it was in business.  Eventually, it was put on the market, and Ridgecrest membership immediately embraced a vision for utilizing the facility to bridge into the community and reach people that may never attend church (Remington's website,  After the church got ahold of it, they went through and completely redid it, putting much effort into a good sound and lighting system, in anticipation of future events being planned there.  They also committed it to be a tobacco free/alcohol free place.  A center for social justice, REMINGTON's hosts activities for AIDS awareness, child welfare and more social issues of the day.  All this is in addition to the concerts, trade shows, exhibits, car shows, receptions, training seminars, book sales and more.  REMINGTON's has served as a shelter in time of need for the Red Cross and over a dozen government and civil agencies (Remington's website,  

Our pastor and associate pastor both took us through the history of Remington's and different things that have gone on there.  When Hurricane Katrina hit, it was used to help some of the victims who came up to this area.  It's been used during past ice storms as a shelter.  Our associate pastor, Andy, told us how he and his wife had stayed there during one of the ice storms, to try and take care of the many people who needed help, even when a stomach virus went through, leaving many very sick.  There were people who needed full care and others who just needed a helping hand.  He told how one of the men served there actually started coming to church and eventually joined the church, and it was because of the love and care he had received at Remington's on those cold, icy nights.  

Basically, when an event is set up, Andy helps with those events, along with volunteers from the church; they basically help the event to run smoothly by helping and running for anything that is needed; they just have a generous and giving spirit about them.  REMINGTON's commitment to excellence includes providing service that will "exponentially exceed expectations" - not only of patrons, but the organizations and artists that utilize the facility to promote their respective interests (Remington's website,  He told how in reaching out to people in the community, that is how we are going to reach them for Christ.  We may not get them to talk to us at first about Christ, but once they see our hearts and see us in action, they get curious.....there are so many testimonies.  He also told a story about one woman who was assaulted while Remington's was still in nightclub form....and after our church bought it, they held a baptism there.  As she watched the water running through the parking lot from the baptismal tubs, she just felt that a cleansing was taking place....

Remington's is currently used as a site for Angel Food Ministries, and in November, Remington's is hosting World Vision's Step Into Africa, and we're so excited about that....Dan and I would both like to volunteer with this and even take Jacob through it.  If you live in the Missouri area, or even if you live elsewhere, check the locations to see if it will be close to you.  Of course, Step Into Africa will be for another Shine Your Light post.:)

The stories of what God can do through His people are right in front of you, sometimes in the least unexpected places; sometimes all you have to do is look down the street in your own community.  Dan and I have looked for a church like this for a long time, and we just finally feel like we are home. 

Share a ministry/volunteer opportunity that you care about or have just learned about.  Maybe even share about this post on your blog, so we can help to spread the word and shine our lights.  Make sure to link back to Real Heart Prints in your post, and sign Mr. Linky below. 

(Disclosure: I was given permission to use photo and write about Remington's on this blog by Bilyeu-Steele Agency.)  


Conny October 20, 2009 at 10:40 PM  

What a neat thing to happen to a nightclub! Thanks for sharing! We live about 120 miles west of you by Ft. Leonard Wood, MO (the Army post), and nightclubs sure cater to the military :( I used to think I should pray for them to BURN DOWN - but then thought they'd just get insurance money & rebuild ... but now I think I ought to pray for them to "get saved" like Remington's!! :)

Theta Mom October 21, 2009 at 9:32 AM  

Thanks for sharing that! Just found you through the frined club at MC and I'm following! Please follow me at

mralong October 21, 2009 at 10:34 AM  

I just wanted to let you know that I have given you an award and you can pick it up on my blog

thanks :0)

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