Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CSFF: Haunt of Jackals by Eric Wilson

Haunt of Jackals is a book written by Eric Wilson; it's part of his Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy.  I must say that this book is not what I had thought, and honestly, I had a hard time reading it....to be honest, I wasn't able to finish reading it all the way through.  For myself, the story just had too much gore, although the gore was a part of the story, and without it, well, it just wouldn't be the same....but if you like science fiction with twists and suspense and a little gore thrown in for good measure, then you might like this book. 

It's the second book in the series, and it starts out in the very beginning with edge-of-your-seat suspense, as one of the characters, Gina, is trying to escape from her vampire abductor.  The story seems to weave between scenes, focusing on a different main character throughout each different scene.  It's a story of immortals and mortals, a fight between those who are good and the incomprehensibly evil collectors, who take up host in humans and thirst for their blood, except this time both the good and the evil are after a little boy who could have great influence over their existence.  It's a suspenseful, action-packed story that will leave you wanting more in the end, especially since it leads into the next story, just giving you a taste for more.

With colorful descriptions and real places throughout the story, it did take my imagination into the story and to the far-away places and times that it depicted.  From caves to castles to cafes, it felt very real, which is one reason I had such a hard time reading it, especially before bedtime.:)  However, you should check it out for yourself....who knows?  It may be a story you would dive right into.  You can read more about it on Amazon.
You can also read more about the author, Eric Wilson or even check out more information on the Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller October 20, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

Mel, you reacted much like I did. And I came to the same conclusion--some people will have no problem with this type of story, but it's not for everyone.

Thanks for an honest, balanced review.

BTW, I'm sorry I left you off the list of links. I don't know what happened there.


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