Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Fall Window Silhouettes

We just love fall in our house; it's such a fun time of year. It's starting to cool down outside, and it's getting cozy inside. With fall comes all the fun holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I'd been promising Jacob for a while now that we'd make some fun silhouettes for our windows for Halloween. With needing to do art, we decided today was the day. I logged onto Martha Stewart's website today and found some great templates and printed them out. Then I cut the shapes out with my craft knife. We took the template and traced around the edges with a white crayon onto black construction paper. After that, I let Jacob cut with his scissors (since I'm just not ready to place such a sharp, razor-blade knife in his hands yet....yikes!), and I cut with my handy dandy craft knife. Voila, we had really cute silhouettes for our windows: bats, cats, and witches. We have some more templates to try out, like pumpkins and a slightly larger bat. We used double-sided, transparent scrapbooking tape to stick them up on the windows. The best part is that now we have the templates for next time. He's already wanting to do more, and since we are about out of construction paper, I think a trip to the dollar store is in order, so we can make more projects like this. Oh, and I think my artistic talent is finally looking up just a bit....:)LOL. Maybe papercrafts is my niche!

Next stop: the
Silhouette Candle Creatures.:)


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