Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chivalry, Part 12: Community of Men

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Well, another week has passed, and as this chapter was really short, I really am not sure what I want to say this week. Lewis talked about the community of men and how this is crucial to our sons' upbringing as young men. I guess I'll just lay out what spoke to me while reading.....

Lewis basically talks about how men need to band together to teach their sons about manhood and to raise them up as modern-day knights. Back in the day of knights and "damsels in distress," young men left home early to go under the tutelage and wings of another older man. Then, as squires, "the young lad competed in tournaments, perfecting the skills of knighthood. In this environment he was surrounded by men....Throughout the rest of his life, the community of men admonished, affirmed, and endorsed his masculinity. Life was filled with camaraderie, protection, and high ideals."

I'm just going to get down and dirty here and be real and honest. As Dan's wife, it's easy for me to just want to keep him to not want to let him go when the weekend comes because it feels like we hardly see each other through the week as it is. BUT, as his wife, I need to love him enough to let him go. Do I always want to let him go? Not on your's something I need to work on (which he hardly goes anywhere right now anyway, but for future sake). He needs that community of men as well. He needs to have friends and go do fun things and just have that special "man time." In having these Christian friends, it's a time for him to bond and share (ok, so bond might not be the right word for a "real man"LOL), but it's also good for Jacob to see that his daddy gets out with other guys and does all that guy stuff. Maybe within this circle of Christian friends, these guys can support and help each other, mentor each other through the process of raising their sons. In this, Jacob may come to know these other men and have yet more mentors in his life to help guide him. (I'm asking myself if I'm making sense here; in my mind, I am.....:) ). Lewis suggests that these men be involved in all the important manhood ceremonies growing up.

In raising our boys to be chivalrous, this is such an important step. Our sons can learn so much from other Godly influences. Stay tuned next week for more....


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