Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Did We Get To This Point?

So life is never boring in the Lockcuff house, I'll tell ya. I have so much to say in this post, but I think I'm going to copy an email that I sent to a couple friends here, just so maybe it will make more sense, only I'll tweak it a bit with new details. God has taken us for a ride in the last week; He's totally turned us a 180. At the beginning of the week, I might not have said this with true confidence, but now, I'm so glad that He worked through Dan to shake us up a bit. Read on....

Well, God has certainly been closing doors around here's been a very emotional past few days, as He's really revealed some things to both of us. It started in the last week or so, as Dan really started feeling a heaviness about this whole move to PA. He started looking into the details of his gram's house more and even our finances, and he started praying even harder. I resisted, as I kept feeling the rug being pulled out from under us more and more. We both desire so badly to have our own place, and I could feel the dream being "ripped away." Dan finally told me that he doesn't feel this move is right for our family. There are several reasons, some of which I had mentioned when we first started thinking about this move, months ago, but I had finally resigned myself that if Dan was so for this move to PA, then it must be God's will. Basic reasons are that if we don't move, we could be totally out of debt within the next year; the house has some major structural damage and needs so much work that it would literally suck our finances dry, leaving us with no finances for ministry or adoption (and we have just found out about this damage); and lastly, we had some personal reasons that I don't really want to mention here. In the last case, we would have to trust God, but we felt Him showing us another way to go.

So, our plan right now is to move to the Republic area.
We have found a really nice house and already signed the lease. I can't stress to you how important it is to listen to God's voice in everything you do. It was immediately clear when we went to look at this house, that we were in the right place. Everything fell together like pieces of a puzzle. And I have to say that I really believe that God has a sense of humor, because when we walked into Jacob's room, imagine what was on his wall. Actual murals of Star joke. Now, with Jacob, we're talking major Star Wars fan; I'm not sure fan is even the right word for him.

It's all still very raw for me just for the fact that we were so excited, but I do feel a huge sense of relief in all of this. We both were so stressed with moving to PA, (even though I kinda of had a peace because I had finally come to terms with it, which is why I think I've been so upset over the whole "not moving to PA." It's hard to explain, really). Also, with staying here, Dan has the opportunity to keep his shop open here and open another in the Republic area, which he is really excited to do. It all depends on God, but we know for sure this is where He wants us. I have an online writing job now, where I'm getting paid for writing articles, most of which are health and wellness articles; it has been a huge blessing; plus I'm able to pick which ones I want to write; and I can do it on my own time, which means really early in the mornings or naptime.

So, we are headed in a new direction; we're actually moving this Saturday....of course, we'll come down Sunday to say goodbye to our church here and to spend some time with my family for Father's my friend, Nancy, said to me on the phone last night, "When God is working in something, you usually don't have a lot of time to secondguess it"....He moves it along fast, on a clear path! And that's what He's doing; we're just staying open to His voice.

Through all of this, I hope that this can encourage someone else, who might be missing God's voice in their'll know if it's God because you'll have that feeling way down deep in the pit of your stomach. Remember, no matter the situation, God is able!


Anonymous June 18, 2009 at 3:29 PM  

silly me from ny...where is republic? how far from your current home?

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