Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- Something Must Be Sticking

We are a homeschooling family, and sometimes I get discouraged, just hoping that things will stick in Jacob's brain, that he'll really learn....let me tell ya, it takes a lot of patience....and I'm not good with patience. But I'm always just hoping that he'll at least have something stay with him, stick with him, so he can remember. Well, to my surprise, in cleaning off my desk, I came upon this.
Now, I have no earthly idea how he even came up with the 5 times tables; the only 5 problem we've done that I can remember is 5x5=25; I've been introducing the idea of multiplication to him with pictures and groups, and his daddy has talked with him a little bit because Jacob's been curious about it, how it works, if this equals this and so on. Somehow, and I'm thinking he must have figured out to count by 5s to get the answers, he came up with stuck!!! It stuck!!!! I love it!:) Yea!!!!! Amidst all those wiggly, bored look, crazy mornings with math, something stuck!!!!

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