Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

We have an urgent prayer request, and I'm just asking everyone who reads this to say a prayer today, to say many prayers on the behalf of a college friend, Matthew Grubb. He is very sick right now with what they think is bacterial meningitis, and he is in a comatose state right now, is what I'm hearing from others around him. Just please be in prayer for him, as he also has a wife, Mandy, and three daughters, a really beautiful family. Just pray for his complete healing and for God's will to be done through all of this....thank you.

Received this news on Facebook today; keep praying!

Jared was at the hospital with Matt all day yesterday. They diagnosed him with a viral form of Meningitis (infection in his brain). He is sedated and on a ventilator in order to help him rest and keep his airways clean in order to help his body focus on fighting the infection. He had an MRI done last night but the results will not be in until much later today (usually 24 hours). At first everyone had to wear full coverings, masks, & goggles to see him, but now they do not have to wear the goggles or masks as the expert on contagious illnesses has said he is not a contagious threat and that Mandy and the girls should not be at risk. He is in the ICU right now. Jared and I are planning on visiting later today and I can give you updates as I find out.

Another update:

Here's an update on Matt & Mandy Grubb...Matt Grubb continues to fight his pneumonia. The doctors made an initial diagnosis of aseptic meningitis, however, now that the cultures have matured in the lab, they have come to rule that out. They are saying that he has an infection in his brain that is tied to walking pneumonia which Matt has more than likely had for the last 3 months. Matt continues to be on antibiotics that are helping restore his health and he continues to breathe with the support of the ventilator while under heavy sedation. The doctors want him to rest, rest, rest! That's what he needs most in order to fight this infection and heal from this pneumonia.The doctors continue to have an optimism about Matt's recovery and so does Mandy and the family. The reality is that he is young, strong, and healthy and is expected to make a full recovery, however, this typically takes quite awhile. The doctors are estimating that Matt could be in the hospital recovering for as much as a month, with even more recovery time to follow at home. This is not uncommon for someone in Matt's condition.Here's what you can do to help the Grubb's:1. PRAY, PRAY PRAY! God is the Great Doctor, the loving Daddy, and the Sovereign All-Powerful LORD, who tells us to cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us. Christ-followers have an all-access pass to this Holy God. Let's use it!2. Please do not come to the hospital to visit unless you are a family member of the family or pastoral team. (While Matt is sedated, the doctors believe he can still hear some of what's going on around him, which creates in him a desire to respond, and therefore he becomes agitated and breaks out of his resting cycle.) Also, many family members are in town and they need to be together as a family. And just a reminder, Matt is still in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) which is a unit with restrictions for the good of the patient. So, please continue to love from distance. I know that that is difficult as Matt & Mandy are so deeply loved and respected by so many, but it really is what is best for them right now.3. Be selective in your phone calls and texts to Mandy. She has her plate full and while she desires to respond to everyone, she has a number of other priorities right now.3. Offer assistance with meals and domestic support. Matt and Mandy are running a marathon, not a sprint in this recovery race. Meals are currently being arranged by Karen Eastham. Contact Karen at Send cards or write notes to the Grubbs. You can send them to Bridgeway and our pastoral staff and student ministries team will make sure they get the Grubbs. Bridgeway Community Church, 9189 Red Branch Rd. Columbia, MD 21045 410.992.5832 Or you can drop them off at the reception desk of our administrative offices or at the Bridgeway Student Ministries table in the Lobby before & after services, Fusion & Common Ground.5. Be ready! In the near future, out-of-town family will need to get back to their families and responsibilities. We want to be ready to fill any of those voids for the Grubb family. Right now, sit tight, pray, and be ready. We will keep you posted.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at!
P. Mich


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