Saturday, December 13, 2008

Peace For Christmas

Everyone is desperately trying to get ready for Christmas, as evidenced by the massive numbers of people in Springfield today, and especially in the most dreaded place at this time of year....the mall! Whew! I am so glad to be done! As I was carefully making my way through the mall this evening, I thought I must be literally out of my mind to even think of going to the mall tonight; yet I still went in to face the crowds of pushy people just to get a couple more things on my list. Keep in mind I've been praying for patience, but sometimes I know my face didn't register patience, like the time I thought this car might just run over me in her hurry to get out of the parking lot.:) No, I don't believe my face registered true patience.:) Maybe that's why I'm writing this. It all kinda brings me back to reality. Isn't this time of year supposed to be a peaceful time? Aren't we supposed to be at peace with each other, not just as family, but as human beings? (Not that we shouldn't be at peace any other time of the year, but this time of year especially!) I felt very much convicted of this as right after the said incident, I walked through a door that a Salvation Army bell ringer held open for me and wished me, "Merry Christmas!" as I walked through and wished, "Merry Christmas!" back to her. Peace is not about the me factor; it's about how my reactions affect other people. So, here's a challenge; take a step back this week, and just celebrate in your heart this season and the blessed reason for Christmas. Think of how you can help plant a seed of peace in someone else's life. Have a great night!


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