Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Fun!!!

Last Saturday, we went to my Aunt Betty and Uncle Wilbur's house for a little celebration for their grandson, Jace. He is going off to college; gosh, how time flies. Anyway, we had a lot of fun there and lots of good food. We enjoyed time outside together until it got dark. Some of the guys played soccer, and some of us just sat around and visited. We also caught a little tree frog that Jacob and Kaylee had chased under Mom and Dad's car.:)LOL That was hilarious. They didn't want to touch him to catch him, but after I caught him, Kaylee had to hold him. She held him for the longest time, and then Uncle Wilbur helped her free him back to the yard.:) After dark, we all went in and played Guitar Hero; now that was a blast. I have never played before, but it was so much fun! It was really funny that my Aunt Betty was better than I was or even my cousin, Amanda.:)LOL (Sorry, Amanda, but she was!) Then we all nervously (especially Amanda) watched Michael Phelps race his last race and win!!! It was just an awesome, awesome night! By the way, don't pay attention to the dates on the pics; they are totally wrong...


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